Rebuild Your Memories By Yourself.

Before placing your order on impulse, please look over this page if you have no idea about what it is.

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Fire Up Your Raspberry Pi and Go Back to Your Childhood.!

After installing and assembling your Raspberry Pi and Retrocase, you will have a perfect retrogaming console which allows you to play FC, SFC, Sega MD, MSX, PCE, PS, N64, GB, NDS...,etc.

More than 50 different systems compacted in a small case, and it's open source. There are plenty of information you can get online, or just take a look at their offical website RETROPIE

What Is This?

Raspberry Pi (RPi)

The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote teaching of basic computer science in schools and in developing countries. By simply "burn" images on the microSD card, it can install several linux based operating systems like Raspbian, Ubuntu, Windows 10 IoT, and RETROPIE.

More OS

What Can It Be?

By running open source emulation systems like RETROPIE or RECALLBOX, you can turn the RPi board into a retrogaming console.

Over 40 emulators are well supported by RETROPIE, just upload roms and play!

But, We Don't Sell Raspberry Pi.

I designed a case for RPi 3b/3B+, pay tribute to famicom which inspired my gaming life and have successed setting up a crowdfunding campaign in late 2019.
And yes, this is what we sell, the case.

Campaign Page

What You Can Get Here?

There wiil be a set of RetroCase, and real switches, screws, stickers, and Quantity-Limited weights, which add the total weight to improve the appeal of assembled Raspberry Pi. Makes it feel more like a retro console!

Assembly Manual

Any Questions?

Got some problems when you setting up your system?
Feel free to ask!

User Reviews

It is easy to assemble, with all the movable parts. I collect consoles for my retrogame collections though I play this for my memories.

Jason Chuang

Retrogame Player

This is a really powerful retrogaming system I've ever used! Though I've bought the Famicom Classic Mini but I really love this one.


Staff of Department Store

My wife loves this much more. Now we play old fashion games every night. She even introduced to her students.



System Snapshots