RetroCase for RPi3B/3B+

Include: Case, Switches, Screws, Stickers, Accessaries, Assembly manual.

Check here for more assembly instructions

Price : $32.99

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USB Gamepad

Compatible with PC, Raspberry Pi, builtin auto-fire function is easy to switch on/off.
Wonderful button feedback, stuck free, and zero input latency.

2 Patterns
Cable length : 1.8m

Price : $11.99


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Heat Sink Kit for RPi 3B/3B+

You don't need a fan when running Retropie on RPi 3B/3B+, heat sink is enough.

Material : Aluminum or copper

Price : $2.99

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Stickers Kit

Included in Retrocase kit, this sticker kit can also apply on Famicom Classic.

Price : $1.49

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